About Us

Meet the AzRC Board of Directors! Each of the nine board member serves a two-year term, with elections occurring every year. Interested in serving on the board? Call for nominations are sent out in January- or reach out to a board member for more information!  

Board Members

Alyssa Ruggiero

Alyssa Ruggiero, Chairperson

[email protected] 

Terry Gellenbeck
Terry Gellenbeck, Vice Chair

 Alana Levine

Alana Levine, Immediate Past Chair

JB Shaw 

JB Shaw, Treasurer
[email protected]

 Anisa Abdul-Quadir

Anisa Abdul-Quadir, Secretary
[email protected]

 Daniel Velez
Daniel Velez, Grants & Scholarships

 Clark Landrum

Clark Landrum, Membership
[email protected]

 Dylan Lenzen

Dylan Lenzen, Meetings & Events
[email protected]

 Lisa Dix

Lisa Dix, Affiliations 

[email protected]